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Facebook reconnections

So, I had reconnected with some lovely girls from a nice family, some of whom live in New York now, and I mentioned them one time in a story about how we had celebrated my birthday together. Well, I began to collect some other girls from town as my friends. Then, about six months after, I posted a picture of some of the girls and boys, naming some and asking for help on others. It was like a avalanche of love that happened. I became friends with all these people in thei's r 30and 40's who had been my little visitors, and I've talked to a lot of them.

Some wanted to talk on the phone, and one called me directly, he said he was Tomas, Vilma's son. This was someone who had been one of my best friends. Anyway, here he was living here in Pennsylvania and so was his sister. His mother had died already of cancer. We might even make a trip out there to visit, as we have family there, too.

Finally, unwittingly, as I say, I made friends with a cousin of my old boyfriend. He is somebody with whom I would never talk now, because he asked me to marry me, then. He had always been a really admirable individual to me, even though at the time he was too young for me, and other things were not in our favor. Anyway, I found out there was an election in town in November 2017, and this cousin posted a list saying that he was now running for mayor of Concepcion. He didn't win, but I felt great happiness for him, that he should discover his true calling, since he loved his country so much, then. I knew he would never be as happy in the US, and I knew I could never live there forever. This gave me excessive peace knowing that I had made the right if difficult decision at the time, which propelled us into the fulfilled lives that we live, now.

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